Interdisciplinary technology foundation

The philosophy of the EMVcon Inc.'s technology foundation is Interdiscipline. Individual engineer and team has a broad and in-depth coverage and create a strong synergetic effect and driving force. Our team is realizing 1 + 1 ≧ 3 with the basis of Interdiscipline. It is not strange at all to see a software engineer fixes and modifies hardware with a soldering iron while debugging software at the EMVcon Inc. campus. The automotive battery system engineering is truly interdisciplinary work, and the EMVcon Inc. has powerful DNA to challenge the world.

Battery management systems (BMS)

EMVcon Inc. design and manufacture the full vertical stack of the BMS ranging from hardware to vehicle control system interface. The key technologies include:

  • Analog frontend subsystem design

  • Master BMS powered by an automotive microcontroller

  • High-voltage isolation

  • BMS software including all the necessary protections, SoC (state of charge) and SoH (state of health) estimation

  • Deep power-down management

  • Over-the-air (OTA) enabled boot loader

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

  • CAN (control area network) communication hardware and software stack

  • VCU (vehicle control unit) interface

  • Fault-tolerant system design

  • Automotive electronics compliant manufacturing

BMS test environment

EMVcon Inc. constructs and deploys an in-house BMS software validation system named RASST (rapid and simultaneous software test). The key technologies include:

  • BMS analog frontend subsystem simulation

  • Master BMS software test

  • Vehicle load emulation module

  • Enabling a daily build of the BMS software

  • In-house ultra-high-speed USB-CAN communication adapter

Versatile xEV cylindrical cell modules

EMVcon Inc. is developing versatile xEV (all kinds of electric vehicles) applications. The multi-purpose battery modules exhibit excellent scalability, compatibility, applicability, and design for manufacturability (DFM).

Battery safety

EMVcon Inc. is one of the leading companies in the PPR (passive propagation resistance) of the thermal runway (TR) of battery modules and packs. EMVcon develops in-house hardware and software tools to evaluate the PPR.

Battery safety certificates

EMVcon Inc.'s battery pack fulfills all the requirements published by the Fulfills the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Vehicles and Parts Performance and Safety Standards Section 48.3 Traction Battery Safety. EMVcon Inc. is preparing for the UL and UN battery safety standard certificates for the United States market.

Battery thermal management

EMVcon Inc. is elaborating automotive cylindrical cell thermal management. Ranging from natural convection cooling to liquid cooling, EMVcon Inc. develops various effective cooling methods for automotive cylindrical cells. EMVcon Inc. evaluates the thermal management design using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools and fine-tunes with massive sensor deployment with in-house software tools.

Automotive cylindrical cell module technologies

EMVcon Inc. has been developing leading technologies for automotive cylindrical cell modules. EMVcon Inc. owns a complete vertical-layers of technologies.

  • Advanced cylindrical cell module architecture design

  • Module integration and scalable design technology

  • Cell carrier design and precision mockup design

  • Fusible current collectors

  • Busbars combating current imbalance

  • Various welding technologies including projection welding, wire bonding, and laser welding

  • Glue technologies

  • Vibration and shock resistance design

  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)

  • PPR (passive propagation resistance) of thermal runaway design

  • Safety standard compliant design

Hardware quality engineering

EMVcon Inc. ensures hardware design and manufacturing quality, ensuring that engineering and manufacturing processes are performed correctly using adequately designed equipment, materials, and processes. The hardware quality engineering (HQE) team works closely with the design team, mechanical, electrical/electronics, and software, as well as the quality assurance team. The HQE team not only makes corrections in the tools, materials, and processes but actively mimics the design. The HEQ team seamlessly collaborates with the factory automation team to develop the right equipment to ensure manufacturing quality.

Software quality engineering

In accordance with the HQE, automotive battery pack systems are highly dependent on the BMS software quality to maximize the cell lifetime and ensure safety. BMS software quality can never be compromised at the cost of design and validation. EMVcon Inc. software quality engineering team develops versatile in-house software platforms and tools that ensure both performance and reliability of the software. EMVcon Inc.'s SQE team completely understands hardware design from chips to systems.

Factory automation engineering

EMVcon Inc. builds the most important manufacturing equipment in-house. This maximizes the manufacturing quality as well as minimizes cost overhead to penetrate new and emerging markets.

In-depth domain knowledge

EMVcon Inc. is one of the automotive and ESS battery pack manufactures but significantly differentiates from others as EMVcon Inc. has exceptional expertise in both a bottom-up and top-down technology driving. EMVcon Inc. has a strong foundation of the battery pack system design, such as a module design and a BMS design. Besides, EMVcon Inc. has an extraordinary basis for the application side, such as electric vehicles and electrical energy storage systems (ESS).