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New! EMVcon Core EV Conversion Kit

EMVcon Core EV Conversion Kit is applicable to most passenger vehicles.

  • The plug-and-play core Kit:
    • Fits to most FF and RR cars,
    • 10:1 gearbox with a differential gear,
    • Cooling system integrated,
    • VCU and ready-made wiring harness (motor controller — VCU — battery pack).

The detailed specification is identical to the Wrangler Kit.

Product Overview

EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit is a complete redesign of the SEMA 2016 Jeep conversion kit. The major components such as the traction motor and motor driver, battery pack, vehicle control unit (VCU), DC-DC converter, on-board charger, etc., are all new. The upgraded design provides 3X more continuous power and 2X higher maximum motor RPM.

EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit insures OEM quality and electric powertrain efficiency using 360 V DC link voltage yet providing 100 kW traction power under 400 A battery current at all times. The 360 V setup fundamentally differentiates from the conventional low voltage electric powertrain (144 V or lower.) Such low-voltage setup should handle more than 1000 A battery current and thus cannot avoid using oversize wires, oversized contactors, oversized fuses, and oversized safety disconnect switches, etc.

EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit is completely waterproof. This enables the converted Jeep to have no limiting factors while crossing streams.

The EMVcon team always puts safety first. EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit has a battery pack with a safety disconnect switch that kills both plus and minus terminals. By simply turning off the switch, mechanics can be free from electric shocks during installation and maintenance.

EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit provides seamless integration of the doner Jeep. The unique vehicle control unit (VCU) is compatible with the stock Jeep JK Wrangler throttle pedal and vehicle CAN (control area network). In addition, the kit reuses the factory radiator, cooling fan, air conditioner condenser, heater core, etc. EMVcon kit allows all the 12 V components (lights, audio, power windows, windshield wipers, etc.) to be functional.

EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit provides standard Level 2 charging. The fully depleted vehicle battery can be recharged in less than 5 hours. The kit provides detailed monitoring feature for the vehicle battery both while driving and charging.

EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit provides plug-and-play installation. All the necessary wiring harnesses are provided, and simply plugging in the connectors makes the whole electric powertrain fully functional. Even high-voltage wiring harnesses are pre-cut and provided with UL terminals premounted.

EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit provides all the mounting brackets not only for the traction motor but for all the electronics components. Cooling system liquid hoses and fittings are also provided.

Detailed step-by-step installation instructions are provided, and EMVcon will offer training programs. Joint installation projects can be set up upon request.


EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit consists of most necessary parts for electric vehicle conversion including:

  • Traction motor and motor driver (liquid cooled, 100 kW maximum, 60 kW continuous, maximum 12,000 rpm, and 320 Nm torque. The traction motor and driver are both waterproof.
  • Two modules of brand-new genuine Samsung SDI Lithium-Ion Prismatic liquid-cooled battery pack with a total capacity of 37 kWh.*
  • A fixed ratio (6.76:1) high-RPM gearbox that will replace the stock transmission.
  • An integrated plug-and-play vehicle control unit (VCU) with a power distribution unit (PDU).**
  • A complete plug-and-play wiring harness set with pre-mounted connectors.
  • A complete high-voltage wiring harness set with pre-mounted terminals.
  • A 1.5 kW liquid-cooled, waterproof DC-DC converter that charges the stock 13.8 V battery.
  • A 6.5 kW liquid-cooled, waterproof onboard charger that accepts both 110 V and 220 V.
  • A complete set of cooling system modification/installation parts to cool down the motor, motor driver, DC-DC converter, onboard charger, and battery pack modules with hoses, fittings and clamps.
  • An electric brake booster vacuum pump.
  • An electric power steering pump and power steering hoses to drive the stock worm gear.
  • An optional 360 V electric air conditioner compressor.
  • An optional 360 V heater with a pump.
  • All the mounting brackets for the motor, gearbox, DC-DC converter, onboard charger, vacuum pump, power steering pump, cooling pump, and vehicle control unit.
  • High-voltage and low-voltage (signal and power) wiring harnesses
  • A J1772 charging port with a mounting bracket.

*Each module generates 180 V, and the end-to-end battery pack voltage is 360 V. The battery pack modules are mounted to the frame in the original location of the gas tank and exhaust system. The battery pack modules are waterproof.

**The VCU is compatible with the factory dual-sensor throttle pedal and the factory instrument cluster.

It requires two days to install the EMVcon electric Jeep JK Wrangler conversion kit by two mechanics.

EMVcon will release electric Jeep JL Wrangler kit shortly.