About Us

EMVcon has been founded in 2016. Prior to foundation, the key members of EMVcon have been working on electric vehicles and electric vehicle conversion for several years.

The EMVcon team consists of world's leading engineers at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SNUTECH), and Offroad Extreme Korea (OXK). The academia members have expertise in electronics, embedded systems/software, cyber-physical systems, control systems, power electronics and advanced motor control. The industry member from OXK, one of the largest offroad vehicle modification companies in Korea, is a Jeep and offroad modification expert. EMVcon was also co-founded by KAIST CISS (Center for Integrated Smart Sensors.)

EMVcon is developing plug-and-play and bolt-on electric vehicle conversion kits for Jeeps and pickup trucks. The EMVcon electric vehicle conversion kits are also applicable to general vehicles with minor fabrication work for mounting brackets.