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About EMVcon Inc.

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  • EMV Co. Ltd. in South Korea


  • Subcompact electric truck battery packs

  • Cycle Kart battery packs

  • Electric vehicle conversion battery packs

  • Fleet EV conversion battery packs (coming soon)

  • Jeep™️ JL Wrangler™️ auxiliary switch bank and relay module

  • Boussole’s 100 kW Electric Powertrain


  • Interdisciplinary technology foundation

  • Battery management systems (BMS)

  • BMS test environment

  • Versatile xEV cylindrical cell modules

  • Battery safety

  • Battery safety certificates

  • Battery thermal management

  • Automotive cylindrical cell module technologies

  • Hardware quality engineering

  • Software quality engineering

  • Factory automation engineering

  • In-depth domain knowledge

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